Leather bags are very durable, but their material needs care now and then. To make a leather bag look good for a long time, it is important to know how to tackle impurities and make the surface hard-wearing.

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A leather bag is a real feast for the eyes. So its owner will always take care of it. However, despite the greatest caution, a minor accident can always happen. Even water can cause damage to certain types of leather and make them vulnerable.

With a little know-how, however, these risks can be quickly minimized and the bag can be given a hard-wearing surface. What you should generally keep in mind when caring for your leather bag? To ensure that you always react correctly in emergencies, you should know the following tips:

1. Always use a dust bag to store your handbag. That will prevent dirt and dust from settling on the leather. By the way, do not use a plastic bag. Because it promotes the formation of moisture, which will harm your bag in the long term.

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2. Protect your leather bags from moisture. Nevertheless, if it once comes into contact with the wet, stuff the inner part generously with handkerchiefs or paper. The moisture will be absorbed slowly but surely. Also, give your bag enough time to dry and never put it on the heater as an accelerant. The intense heat can cause the bag to deform beyond repair.

3. Do not expose your leather bag to intense UV light. That not only bleaches the color tone but also attacks the material.

4. If a stain has gotten on your bag, don't try to remove it with wild scrubbing or harsh cleaning products. An eraser specially designed for leather or a suitable leather sponge will gently remove the stain without damage.

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