Are you looking for a new bag? What aspects will you consider before buying? Popmoca prepared several useful tips for you before choosing:


1. What do you want the new bag to be able to do?

Before buying, think about when and where you want to wear it. Should it be a model for university, leisure, office, or rather for parties? Does it have to fulfill practical aspects or should it be trendy that attracts attention?

2. The new bag suits your style or not?

It is important that the bag fits your own style. Whether sporty, trendy or classic - your style should be reflected. There are classic bag shapes like the handle bag, the shopper or the shoulder bag, but also modern shapes like the pouch bag with drawstring.

Shoulder Bag

3. What material do you prefer?

Whether it is leather, fabric, recycled, or vegan, there is a huge selection of bags. Ask yourself firstly: how important is the material to me? Do certain materials suit me and my lifestyle better? In addition, for example, a leather wants to be cared for and is a bit more sensitive than a fabric.

Shoulder Bag Handbag


4. What is your budget?

Do you have a fixed budget to buying a new bag? Well, certain materials could already exclude themselves by themselves. For example, fine cowhide is more expensive than canvas, nylon, or polyester. With an idea of price in mind, you can narrow down the choices a bit.

5. How big do you need?

Think about what all needs to go with it. Should A4 documents fit in it or is it more about smaller everyday things such as wallet, smartphone, tissues, and Co? What do I need and what can I do without?

Leather Handmade Crossbody Toast Bag

6. The new bag should fit your body size

Apart from the things that need to be transported every day, its size should be selected proportionally to the body size, so that the overall picture is right. Even if XL formats are in vogue, a small woman should rather go for a small to medium size. In addition, this protects the back.

Faux Leather Handbag Crossbody Bag Bucket Bag


7. Which carrying option do you want?

A bag can be worn in the crook of the arm, on the shoulder, or even as a shoulderbag. However, many handbags are true quick-change artists: thanks to the included shoulder strap, you can also practically use the handbag as a shoulderbag.


Flower Print Touchscreen Crossbody Phone Bag


8. Do you need many small compartments or one main compartment?

In addition to a large main compartment, a bag can have many internal compartments, small slip-in or zippered compartments, or even attached front pockets. Depending on your preferences, this can be quite helpful.

crossbody phone bag

In the end, you should listen to your gut feeling. If you like a bag and it meets the majority of the wishes and requirements, then you should buy it. Sometimes it's love at first sight that counts.