In this post we want to talk about how to choose a backpack for travel. It is important to take the choice of a backpack seriously and not to skimp on the purchase.

1. Volume

Understand what you need a backpack for and choose the right volume based on that. For hiking and expeditions, we think 70-100 liters is a good choice. If you want to have a long trip, we recommend 50-60 liters. For small trips to warm countries, 30-45 liters backpack are great. You can take an extra small city backpack of 10-15 liters to go for a walk, and take only a snack, phone, documents and money.

Waterproof Large Capacity Backpack


2. Material

A dense waterproof fabric is always important for a high-quality piece. Most three common kinds of fabric for backpacks are: Polyester, Nylon or Cordura. Cordura is in particular has special strength and water resistance, but it is heavier than its competitors, so many people will give it up.

Waterproof Backpack


3. Frame

A good backpack should be framed. The frame is made of plastic or light alloy plates (better). This is done for proper weight distribution on the back. Yes, they weigh more than frameless ones and can't be twisted, but your back will thank you.

USB Charging Backpack


4. Width of Shoulder Straps

We recommend the wigth of straps in 6-8 cm. They should not be very hard or very soft. The padding should be made of dense fabric. Too narrow straps dig into the shoulders and cause great discomfort.

 Vintage Laptop Backpack


5. Side Hidden Pockets, Multiple Compartments

Choosing a good backpack will save you a lot of time and nerves in the future. Multiple compartments allow you to distribute things: in a laptop and chargers, in other clothes, in small compartments - all sorts of keys and small things. You know where everything is and can quickly get it . It is ideal if your backpack has a secret pocket for storing documents and money. Side pockets are plus for it is convenient to carry water in them.

travel backpack


If you have better idea for how to choose a backpack, share them in the comments!