For most women, the handbag is part of a complete outfit. And it does more than just look good: A woman stows in it pretty much everything she needs during the day. In the daily companion, you can find smartphones, makeup, jewelry, medicines, food, tissues, books, business cards, and much more. Some women seem to stow half their life in their handbag. No wonder they often lead a chaotic life of their own. Popmoca will give you some suggestions against the daily chaos in the handbag.

Handmade Leather Crossbody Handbag

Tip 1: Clean Out Regularly

To prevent chaos from getting out of hand in the first place, there's only one thing that helps: cleaning out. And it's best to do this regularly. This not only creates order, but it is also much more hygienic - no one wants to have powder residue, chewing gum, and small pieces of paper in their handbag for long.

In this context, you can also give your handbag a thorough cleaning and take good care of it. Especially if the bag is a favorite piece in a distinctive design, the maintenance is worth it. Special leather care protects the outside of the handbag from dirt and water and keeps the material supple for a long time. Tarnished metal buttons and details become clean and shiny with special sponges from the drugstore.

Handmade Leather Crossbody Handbag

Tip 2: Use Organizers In Handbag

Many bags already have some sewn-in compartments. In this case, it is not too difficult to assign a function to each compartment. However, if the handbag consists of a single compartment, keeping everything organized is a bit more complicated. In this case, you can create your system by distributing the contents to more small pockets: Lipstick and hand cream in a cosmetic bag, highlighters and pens in a note pocket, gum and energy bars in a snack pocket, and so on.

If that's still too messy for you, there are so-called handbag organizers. These are small fabric bags that contain many pre-made extra pockets. Organizers come in different sizes for different-sized handbags. Another organization hack: lanyards. The item that people probably rummage for the most is their keychain. Therefore, it is helpful to always have the key handy with a sewn-in ribbon. This is already integrated into many bags. Alternatively, you can attach one yourself, for example, on the zipper hook.

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Tip 3: Layering In Handbag

Many of us are on the go in many different places in a single day. We take the kids to work, spend the day at the office, meet a friend for a good cup of coffee or dinner with colleagues. When putting away your handbag, you can plan by already layering the items as they are likely to be used during the day. The car keys go on top, lunch underneath, and then sports gear for the gym after work. As the day progresses, you work your way from top to bottom, taking less time to find things.

If it still seems impossible to find your way around your handbag: Useful handbag lights can help. The small lights turn on when you come near them with your hand in your pocket and turn off again after a few seconds.

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