6 Tips for your air travel

crossbody bag for your air travel

That's it, you're at the airport, checking in your ticket to the dream destination for your vacation!
You already see yourself, lying in the sun sipping a mojito, or climbing the most beautiful peaks in the world...

But a long-haul flight is long! 15 hours on average (some 10 hours, others 27 hours, hello Cuba :-))

So many hours where your body will be put to the test, between the seats that don't recline, the stuck knees, the jet lag, and the atmospheric pressure that can quickly become your worst enemy!

Here are some tips to survive your long-haul flight and enjoy your vacation as soon as you arrive.

Dress comfortably

There's nothing worse than being stuck on a plane for several hours in clothes that are too close to the body and that you don't feel comfortable in.
Opt for cotton underwear and loose clothing (tank top + cotton shorts or pants).
Gentlemen, avoid tight jeans and closed shirts.
Ladies, don't wear revealing necklines or thongs. We are not safe from a boob that runs away in our sleep!


Stay hydrated!

The air in a plane is very dry, so you have to compensate by drinking, preferably liquids without bubbles and without alcohol (to avoid digestive problems at altitude!).
Also, avoid wearing your contact lenses. Generally, I kept my contact lenses for the first 2 hours, then I exchanged them for my glasses during the whole trip!

Remember to take lip balm, otherwise, you will get chapped lips during the few days after the flight. Also, take some saline to rehydrate your little eyes :)


Get some sleep!

When you travel by plane, you must try to keep a "Day/Night" rhythm, in order not to arrive tired at your destination.

Try to sleep, or at least to rest. Eating can help, as long as it is in small quantities and regularly (about every 4 hours).
If you have trouble sleeping, take a light sedative and watch a movie or read a book.

Remember to take earplugs, a mask, and a neck pillow with you.

Prefer ball-filled pillows to inflatable ones because they tend to slip off while you're dozing. You can reuse it on buses and trains if you're traveling in a backpack and are a bit of a backpacker! No, no, it doesn't smell like experience! :)


Yes, on a plane, we tend to snooze since we are digesting every 4 hours. But force yourself to stretch your legs to activate the blood circulation. A few steps in the aisle will suffice, a trip to the bathroom for example!

Think about wearing support socks. No more brown socks for grandma, today there are black socks that are just right for women and men. Your blood circulation will thank you!
If you take off your shoes without support socks, your feet may swell up: you won't be able to put your shoes back on when you arrive.


Reduce the "jet lag" effect!

Air travel causes symptoms such as fatigue or nervousness due to jet lag.
Studies have shown that it takes about 1 day per time zone to recover your physical abilities.

If it is daylight when you arrive, expose yourself directly to the sun. The body will register the information and re-synchronize itself more easily with the country's time rhythm.
If you are going east: go to bed 1 hour earlier the few days before your departure.
For flights of more than 8 hours - to Asia for example - board a plane taking off in the evening.
On the other hand, if you are going west, go to bed 1 hour later :-)
On the other hand, if the fares allow it, prefer a morning departure.


Take a toiletry kit

When I travel by plane, I always take a kit with the basics.

It's always nice to freshen up after several hours of flight, already that we don't look like much with our jogging, our stockings, and our pashmina on our shoulders, at least make a good face for the cab that is waiting for us!

I hope that these tips will help you to optimize your flight and will allow you to have a great vacation from the first day!


And you, what are your tips to survive a long flight?


To be clean & pretty
Refreshing wipes for the face (and the rest!)
Makeup remover + cotton
Toothbrush and mini-toothpaste
Mascara and mini concealer
Moisturizing face and hand cream
Moisturizing lip balm
Earplugs, mask, and neck pillow
Disinfectant gel